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Community Warning about the Office of State Revenue NSW – Restructure in Progress

Community Warning about the Office of State Revenue NSW – Restructure in Progress
September 19, 2017 Vaporize

Dear Vaporize Australia Customers,

This is a formal warning about the activities of the Office of State Revenue NSW.

We have recently been on a phone call with the service who are attempting to enforce a fraudulent fine against us and uncovered that they are in the middle of a corporate restructure. This activity suggests they are trying to cover up or flee from liability from fraudulent practices that they have been using to raise revenue. These fraudulent activities are enforced with acts of violence that are tantamount to crimes against humanity and genocide.

We will be publishing all of our interactions with the department as we track them through their restructure and try to establish if their enforcement of fines through this restructure remains lawful.

We have further warnings coming about Government departments use of written communications and inability to respond to civil communications which have resulted in suicides within the community. We will be giving specific advice on how to deal with this, such as returning Commonwealth Mail Unopened. Given the Governments use of mind manipulation and media simulation we are advising citizens to return mail unopened.

Further to this, we have further information to expose about deceptions being perpetrated by Quasi governmental corporate figures implicated in perpetration of violent deceptions, such as Elon Musk and intend to expose more aspects of deceptions that he is perpetrating.

All of our communications and works are intended to end the Government tyranny in Australia and strengthen citizens for whom the blessing of this nation are truly intended for.

We also have more announcements about our own legal infrastructure coming soon as we continue to try to end Commonwealth Crimes against Humanity and preserve and distribute records of corporate and governmental benefactors of these crimes against humanity.


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