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Vaporize Australia need your support in 2020.

Vaporize Australia need your support in 2020.
December 27, 2019 Vaporize

Hi Guys,

I kind of dislike writing these post. In our history we haven’t written many. I mean realistically I think all already know that we need your support given the scale of the challenges we face.

I really believe in the importance of the work we do.
I’ll give you two examples. In my whole life I have never seen anyone decode Kubricks films the way we do. We are pulling out histories & future directions left for us that no one else is doing. These findings could have value for our future beyond our comprehension. Beyond this I have never heard or seen anyone decode the topic of HIV/AIDS like we do. I’ve heard a few people say it is a scam. But I have never seen people get to the essence and the intent of that scam like we have. Regardless of your beliefs about sex, no one could not say having our hospitals manned with the right spirit toward all beings is not the best way of being. Our work with AIDS is just the start of our medical analysis and decoding.

So if we get any weaker than we are now, there is good chance I will just have to stop doing this work. A lot of people are probably thinking great. Shut the fuck up. That’s really exactly what a lot of people want. But thats the point really. The spirit with which we go about our work is the key. We are only seeking to find and convey the truth. With some of the medical topics very little truth is ever broadcast by the established corporate media.

But we are already close to the point of having to make cuts. We are still in a good position in the vape market, a market that is much more saturated than when we started. It’s a no brainer that companies like ours that get robbed, get massively blocked by banks, that never get capital injections will in time fail. Well the weaker that we get the less we can do.

Our so called elders that are supposed to be protecting the lands for the next generation are shit stains on the surface of our humanity. God only knows what it is that they have served during their days but it is surely not god.
Our only chance of survival is you guys and that is the true nature of my agreements with the universe. What governments say matters little to me. I don’t worry about the police too much despite their swinish natures. However I do worry about the amount of public support that we have.

2020 will be the year to find out. Maybe this year we will have to pull our work and let the future manifest where the world is run by men who never learn to use their hearts and minds, who never invest the energy to understand the nature of Gods creation. There are plenty of folks like that out there.

So before I wrap this post up – ill share with you the easiest way you can help us.
Never take up smoking to support our work – that’s #1. We are diversifying what we offer so in the future there will be a bunch of ways you can help us. But if you do have a family member or a friend that already smokes, that combusts tobacco or cannabis. Well a decent dry herb vape is a no brainer. You will only ever improve lives. It’s pretty much a one way street when you are dealing with people who already combust. You don’t even have to get them to use it every time they smoke. If they can replace 30% of their combusting sessions with dry herb vaping its a great start toward behavioural change. That’s our key interest. Advocating products that make lives better. The CBD space is much more complex when it comes to vaping and I would also encourage you not to casually take that up with out deep research.

So its quite easy to support us and we desperately need it more than ever in 2020. It still blows my mind that there are forces that have the capacity to employ teams of 50 people and upward to engage us in ridicule. But those same forces don’t have the capacity, desire or interest to decode critical topics to the extent that we do. That’s because those forces are simultaneously covering for past crimes that have paid for their 50 strong teams.

So thats it guys, hope that we can be strong in 2020 and I hope that we can keep building on work that is unique in style, intention and spirit.

Vaporize Australia


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