Sovereign stuart andrew Developing Banking Infrastructure

Today Vaporize Australia founder announced development of banking Infrastructure that will play a range of roles in our on going works. Although many aspects of our banks systems and processes will main private and in house our main aim will be to manage currencies that support peace, dignity and prosperity amongst the people of earth….

Vaporize Australia Reduce Dummy Fee

Dear Dummies, For some time we have been enforcing a Dummy fee. This is a fee for Dummies that return products that actually work and is designed to encourage people to spend more time focusing and testing their products before concluding that it is no good or faulty. We have only levied this fee a…

Vaporize Australia to Launch Line of Herbal Teas.

Today Vaporize Australia announced a coming line of Herbal teas that will be available for purchase via Vaporize Founder Said: I have learned from my own experience with herbalism and vaporisation that different tea blends are beneficial for helping inflammation and even throat irritation. Teas go with vaporisation perfectly and will compliment our network…

Bitcoin Payment Gateway Restored

Dear Vaporize Australia Customers, We would like to apologise to the customers who have over the past months tried to pay with Bitcoin and had troubled during checkout. Out bitcoin payment gateway is now restored and we are once again accepting direct payments meaning you will not have to contact us to organise bitcoin payments….

Ethereum Payment Now Available at Vaporize Australia

Dear Customers, Just a short note to let you know Ethereum Payments are now available at Vaporize Australia. We will be rolling out Ethereum across our whole network in the coming weeks as part of our Accounting and financial innovation program. We welcome all customers using ethereum. Vaporize Australia

Vaporize Australia Founder Embarks on Nobility Consultancy Project

Today Vaporize Australia Founder Stuart Andrew announced the launch of a Nobility Consultancy project. The purpose of the project will be to offer Nobility consultancy to young leaders who we identify as Authentic Nobles who have the capacity to go on to be Sovereign leaders. There are a range of leaders we see on-line or…

Vaporize Australia Founder Develops Proprietary Accounting Methodology

Today Vaporize Australia announced the introduction of a proprietary accounting method that will allow us to progress and proceed in the new digital economy. In a statement Vaporize Australia founder said. Our proprietary accounting systems will give us a lot more flexibility when transferring value around our different entities and more flexibility as we work…